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Maintain a Record of Your Family by Transferring Photos and Slides

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We’ve all experienced that feeling of going through old photo albums and marveling at how different we (or someone we knew) looked all those years ago. In some ways, the creation of those photo albums is a dying art. We now live in the age of the selfie which is more about making ourselves look good or presenting our lives in a way that will make others envious.

Old Photos/Slides vs. Current Selfies

Old photos were more like memorabilia. The idea was to capture how things really were so that one could look back at it many years later. The difference between old photos/slides and current selfies is that those old photos were made for the people in the photos. Selfies are made for everyone else to look at and not just the person in the photo. This is the reason why you might want to preserve old photos and slides.


Maintaining a Record of Your Family

If you’ve got old photos/slides featuring you and your family, then no doubt you took them for yourself and your family to look at in the future. Or maybe someone else in your family took them and passed them on to you. Either way, those photos, and slides are a record; they’re capturing your family history. And that’s something that you want to hold on to, for your own sake as well as that of the next generation in your family.

Transferring to Maintain Family History

The only problem is that photos and slides tend to deteriorate as time goes on. You’ve probably seen defaced photos in which it looks like half the photo has been torn off. Slides tend to develop yellow and purple splotches due to mold. In order to prevent further deterioration, you can digitize your photos and slides right away. Once you have a digital copy on your computer or on a DVD, you know that you don’t risk losing any part of your family history and you can rest easy. You’ll be able to enjoy those photos and slides for many years to come.

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