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Should You Use Drones for Your Wedding? 5 Points of Consideration [Part 2]

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[continued from part 1 – Should You Use Drones for Your Wedding? 5 Points of Consideration]

 Giving the importance of your big day, it’s no surprise that aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular within wedding photography. Unique angles for both videos and photos allow you to capture every moment in ways that you won’t soon forget. But should you use drones to photograph or film the event? Here are 5 points of consideration that can help you make that decision.

4) Consider the Price

Yes, drone photography will cost more than a professional with a hand-held camera. The question is whether that extra cost is worth the unique perspectives and aerial images/video you can get from it.

Drone packages can range widely, so be sure to do your research before booking. If you already have a photographer in mind, talk to them about the option, or whether they know anyone who can supplement their footage from the air.


5) Consider the Benefits

Finally, even through your planning and potential complication, don’t lose sight of the benefits that drone photography can offer to your big day. Years and decades from now, you will want to remember your wedding and everything that came with it. A video or images shot from aerial perspectives and unique angles allow you to do just that while marveling at the beauty of the day and the moment.

Ultimately, drone photography gives you a sense of scale that few other, more traditional ways of capturing the event can. By showing your surroundings and the entirety of the ceremony from above, you get a better understanding of who was there, and why you chose the location that you did.

Using drones for your wedding photography is becoming increasingly popular – and rightfully so. The possibilities of capturing your big day from an aerial perspective are almost endless. You do want to keep the above 5 points in mind when considering this option. But if you do, nothing will stand in your way of not only enjoying one of the most important days of your life, but also enjoying the memory of it for years to come.

To learn more about the many benefits drones can bring to the capture and memory of your big day, contact us.

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