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Should You Use Drones for Your Wedding? 5 Points of Consideration [Part 1]

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Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Naturally, you want to make sure that you capture the big moments as well as possible, allowing you to remember the moment you said yes for years and decades to come.

Giving the importance of your big day, it’s no surprise that aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular within wedding photography. Unique angles for both videos and photos allow you to capture every moment in ways that you won’t soon forget. But should you use drones to photograph or film the event? Here are 5 points of consideration that can help you make that decision.


1) Consider Your Venue

More than anything else, you have to make sure that the venue in which you get married or take your wedding pictures makes sense for aerial photography. Naturally, an indoor location makes little sense; big, wide-open locations, on the other hand, are a perfect fit.

In addition, try to make sure that your location allows for aerial photography. This FAA App helps users understand drone restrictions. When in doubt, work with your photography to ensure everything is within the legal limit.

2) Consider the Options

You can use drone photography at your wedding in a variety of ways. Naturally, you can either film or take pictures during the ceremony, capturing the biggest moments. But you can also use it to establish the scenery around the wedding, which works especially well for getaway weddings or beautiful, natural landscapes.

If your wedding location limits the use of drones, your alternative is to take some of your pictures after the ceremony from aerial angles. Your options are plentiful – make sure you know them all before planning your photography.

3) Consider Your Guests

Will your wedding guests be on board with a small, unmanned aircraft above them? The answer is likely ‘yes,’ but be sure to prepare them anyways. Your photography can help work with you through any liability concerns. But chances are that your drone actually becomes a welcome distraction before and after the ceremony, as detailed in this Washington Post article.


[continued in part 2 – contact us]

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