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VHS to DVD Conversion: What is involved?

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To some people, especially those new to digital technology and file conversion, the idea of taking your existing VHS tapes and converting them so that the films can be moved onto a DVD seems unlikely at best, but this is something that is quite commonly done with current technology and it isn’t even all that difficult to address. Indeed, if done right, converting a VHS to DVD can be little more than a formality.

Benefits of Converting VHS Tapes

The benefits of converting your old videotapes should be obvious: you can keep your old videos from the videotape era and you will not need to keep a VHS player just to play the handful of tapes that you still have. Not to mention that you will be able to watch your converted videos in much higher quality than anything a VHS could even come close to.

Methods of Converting VHS Tapes

There are a variety of different methods that you can use for transferring your videos from VHS to DVD. These can range from a simple method of inserting both the VHS in question and a blank DVD into a VHS and DVD combination media player and using it to directly transfer the video onto your blank DVD to hooking your VHS player up to a computer using an analog to digital converter and using it to transfer the video onto your computer and then moving it onto a blank DVD that way.


While there are other methods to transfer videos from VHS to DVD, these are the most straightforward and obvious methods available to keep access to these VHS videos without having to keep a VHS player for the express purpose of playing a handful of old videotapes.

If you’re looking for more information on VHS to DVD conversion or you just want to discuss the possibility of having us convert your Videotapes over to DVD for you, contact us today.

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