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Reasons to consider a VHS to DVD Transfer

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If you have a lot of old VHS tapes lying around, then it is worth your while to look into having them transferred to DVD if you want to retain the contents in the long term. While VHS tapes might make for good nostalgia items, they also don’t last very long as media storage devices, especially not when compared to DVDs.

#1. Easier Access

 One of the problems with VHS tapes is that the VHS players are not commonly used by most people and are relatively difficult to come by outside of thrift stores and eBay so actually watching your old VHS tapes is relatively challenging.

#2. DVDs Last Longer

Another reason why it’s a good idea to port old VHS tapes onto DVD is that DVDs will remain usable for longer. They are far easier to maintain and, if you avoid any damage to them, then they will remain viable for watching your content for years or decades, at the least. In comparison, VHS tapes can easily be ripped up and destroyed with ease and are unlikely to last anywhere near as long.

#3. Easier to copy

VHS tapes are extremely difficult to copy and generally require very specific hardware and programs to make copies of their contents. In comparison, copying the contents of a DVD can be done in just a couple of clicks with the software that comes on pretty much any modern computer system or, barring that, one of a few different free programs that can copy the contents of a DVD with only a handful of clicks.

If you would like to copy the contents of a videotape to DVD then you need to speak with Advanced Media Integration. Contact us today for more information on our various services available and to get our assistance with replicating the contents of your VHS tapes onto DVDs for long-term use.

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