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Enjoy Your VHS Tapes Longer With DVD

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VHS Tapes

VHS tapes were a dominant figure in the media industry. Home video recorders used the format, too, giving you the freedom to keep all of your memories in a high-definition format that would last for decades. The only downside is tape degrades over time. The best solution is to transfer those tapes over to digital as soon as you can.

Converting from VHS Tapes

With the DVD format, there are no issues with a physical tape. This means you can play your home videos as much as you want and they will never become distorted and degraded. On top of that, copies can be made quickly to share with the entire family. DVDs provide sufficient storage for your VHS tapes and are inexpensive, which makes them accessible to anyone.

VHS Tapes

If you don’t already have a VCR to hook up and watch on the TV, then you can’t watch the tapes. Buying a VCR can be expensive since more and more people want to watch their old tapes and reminisce. This is not the case with DVD players, as they’re still being made and digital formats are here to stay.

Enjoy Nostalgia Longer

Your memories deserve to be preserved for a lifetime. The longer your tapes sit on the shelf, the more footage can be lost to time. We can help keep those memories alive by transferring your tapes to DVD. Our transfers are high quality and will result in a fantastic copy of the tape. Encoding is another piece we can do for you, which means you can share it online as well.

No matter if it’s a day at the beach, a birthday party, or a walk in the woods, we’ll make sure it lasts and you can relive those moments forever. If you’re ready to save your VHS tape’s content, contact us today.

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