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Why Should I Transfer My VHS Home Movies Into DVD?

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The young people of today will have only a vague idea of what a VHS tape is or how a VCR works. These outdated technologies are certainly dinosaurs, long since replaced by DVDs and Blu Ray. And yet, the home movies that exist in these formats remain priceless. Those old VHS tapes hold memories of vacations, holidays, and unique experiences shared with loved ones. Unfortunately, VHS tapes won’t last forever, and the only to preserve your family history is to transfer these files into a DVD format.

Preserve Your Memories

Home movies on a VHS are getting more and more degraded year after year. Dust, heat, and even playing it on a VCR can cause damage. It’s easy for the tape to get so ripped up that it will no longer function. DVD is a much more durable and reliable technology that can be protected in a hardcover case for decades. Transfer your home movies from VHS is the only way to ensure they will still be available for future generations to enjoy.

Share Your Memories

Once your home movies have been transferred into DVDs, you can easily make multiple copies to share with friends and family. Any computer with a DVD drive can create a copy in a very short time. When you only have one VHS tape, and likely only access to one VCR, your memories are not accessible to loved ones that live far away. DVD home movies are portable and can be made into a memorable gift.


Enjoy Your Memories

Assuming that you have a working VCR at the moment, it’s normal for all machines to break down over time. While getting another VCR is possible, they’re so rare that it can be an expensive purchase. A DVD provides you with hassle-free access to enjoy your home movies on your television, desktop, or laptop.

Your poignant memories are well worth preserving for decades to come with a VHS to DVD transfer. Contact us for friendly, reliable service keeping your home movies safe.

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