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5 Tips to Work with a Video Editor and Make a Professional Video

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There are many things you need to think about when editing a video. In general, you have a lot of footage to choose from. So picking the best shots is the first part of the process. After that, you might have to cut these shots to include only as much footage as needed. Plus, you’ll have to decide the order in which you want your footage to go. And you might need to put in some background music or a voiceover. So video editing is a complex process for which you might require professional help. Here are a few tips to make sure it gets done right:

Video Editor
  1. How long do you want your video to be? When you give your video footage to the professionals for video editing, make sure you tell them how long you want it to be so that they can work within that time frame.
  2. Which shots do you want to include? Maybe there are some shots that you definitely want to include and others which are “maybes.” Be sure to inform your video editor about this.
  3. Do you want titles/end credits? Do you want your video to be like a professional movie with a title and the names of the actors/director in the beginning? Do you want credits at the end? Give your video editor all this information.
  4. Do you want subtitles or background music? In certain parts, the sound of your video may not be very clear. Your video editor might be able to clean it up a little bit for you or you can ask them to include subtitles. If you want background music, let your video editor know what kind of music to use.
  5. Do you want a voiceover? If so, be sure to record a voiceover as professionally as possible and give it to your video editor. You may need to sit down with them to make sure that the voiceover is in sync with the footage.
Video Editor

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