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7 Tips to Take You Through the Process of Making a Video

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When you’re shooting a video, you have to be prepared. There are many things that you need to think of first before you start shooting. For example, do you have a screenplay? What type are you shooting? Is it a TV commercial, a TV show, a short film, a home video or business training? There are literally dozens of different types of videos that can be made, from short clips for social media to full-length feature films. Obviously, if you’re shooting a short video, then you don’t need to prepare as much. But you should still do some basic preparation to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


  1. Concept: Come up with a concept for the production. First, figure out exactly what you’re going to use the video for and how long it’s going to be. Next, try to come up with a unique concept that focuses on the message which you want to get across.
  2. Screenplay: For most videos, you need at least a basic screenplay. Even if the final product is mostly in the form of action rather than dialogue, it’s a good idea to write down exactly what action is taking place.
  3. Actors/Location: You’ll need to find actors for your videos and come up with a good location to shoot it.
  4. Production Team: You’ll need a camera person, a sound person and a post-production team to help you edit your video when it’s done. It all depends on how professional you want your video to be.
  5. Shooting: You may need to shoot your video a few times to get it just right. Plus, you’ll need to speak to your camera person about shooting from different angles and distances.
  6. Editing: Once you’ve finished shooting your video, it’s still going to be in a raw form. So you’ll need to pick the best shots and cut and paste them to create your video. You can also add background music, subtitles, credits, etc. at this point.
  7. DVD Duplication: Once you’ve made your video, you’ll still need to have it duplicated before you can start distributing it. You can get blu-ray duplication which will give you the best picture and sound quality.

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