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How to Equip Yourself for Basic DSLR Video Shooting and Editing

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Video Shooting

With videos becoming an extremely popular method for individuals to consume information, it makes sense for businesses to invest in videos, at least in some form to accommodate them. However, you do not need to get professional videography services to get the videos that you want to create. It is important to equip yourself with camera supplies that will help you with basic DSLR video shooting and editing.

Multiple Batteries

When you go out to shoot a video, you do not want to be stuck with only one battery as it can cause your shooting to come to a complete halt. It is best to carry multiple batteries wherever you go.

video shooting

Large SD Cards

While you can generally get a large number of photos on an SD card, videos are a different story. Not only should you have a large SD card to begin with, but you should have a few of them on hand.


If you want to provide high-quality audio for your viewers, you should invest in a dedicated microphone, as opposed to using the one that comes with your DSLR camera.

video shooting

Adjustable Tripod

To take steady shots where little movement is happening, you will want to have a tripod. It is ideal for it to be adjustable as it allows you to make changes based on the height that you need for shooting.

Shoulder Stabilizer

When you plan on taking videos that span over a long distance, you will want to get a shoulder stabilizer that helps you carry the camera and keep a steady shot from beginning to finish.

Video Editing Software

After you have captured all of the video footage that you need, you will want to use video editing software to organize the shots and make any changes that will lead to a smoother and more appealing video.

If you have any questions about video shooting or editing, contact us today.

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