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3 Tips to Take Videos from Serviceable to Truly Stunning

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If you’re just starting to make short films, then you may not have mastered the basics of videography yet. We watch a lot of videos in our daily lives—marketing, training, advertising, and entertainment videos. But we may not necessarily pay much attention to how these videos are made, only the impression that they make on us.

If you scan the videos you come across, you’ll find that the ones that make an impact on you have certain characteristics. And you can try to replicate these characteristics when you make your own video. Here are some tips:


  1. Colors: You may not necessarily realize it but the colors of good videos tend to be more vibrant than the colors of videos that don’t make that much of an impression. What this essentially means is that you have to choose good locations and costumes for your videos, thus making them brighter and more attractive to look at.
  2. Natural Beauty: A lot of good videos take advantage of natural beauty and are shot on beaches or mountains. You may see sunsets, canyons, gardens, rivers, snowy landscapes, and other types of natural beauty in great videos. If possible, try to include a few shots with natural beauty in your video as well.
  3. Lighting: You need good lighting if you’re going to shoot a great video, but good lighting doesn’t necessarily mean bright lighting. For some shots, you might opt for bright lighting, but in other shots, you might take advantage of the play of light and shade. This can be done by shooting under the leaves of a tree where the dappled light comes through or under a street lamp which produces a puddle of light at night.

Remember that a video is a visual medium which needs to be approached in the same way as any other work of art. If you can appeal to your viewers visually, then more than half the work of making the video is done. Contact us for more videography tips that will take your video from serviceable to truly stunning.

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