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Vintage Baseball Footage from Advanced Media Integration: Giants vs. Cubs

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Recently, while transferring some old reels of 8mm film to DVD, we came across some rare footage of a baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs. With the 86th edition of Major League Baseball’s All-Star game set to take place this week in Cincinnati, Ohio, we thought it would be appropriate time to release the film recording. In the footage, shot at historic Wrigley Field, you can see several hall of fame players including #14 Ernie Banks, #15(#10) Ron Santo, #24 Willy Mays, and #30 Orlando Cepeda.   

1960 Chicago Cubs: The 1960 baseball season for the Chicago Cubs was a mostly forgettable year. The Cubs would finish the season 35 games out of first place with a record of 60-94. Notable players on the team include; Bob Anderson, Don Zimmer, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and Billy Williams. Interestingly the team would be managed by two different men, Charlie “Jolly Cholly” Grimm and Lou Boudreau. The two “switched” places during the season. Lou Boudreau was a radio broadcaster for the team and former manager. After a slow start Grimm was replaced by Boudreau, after which, Grimm returned to do the radio broadcasting for the team.

1960 San Francisco Giants: In 1960 the Giants finished the season 16 games out of first place with a record of 79-75. This team was also managed by two different men throughout the season, Bill Rigney and Tom Sheehan. Rigney was replaced with Sheehan even though the team was in second place at the time. As the season progressed, the Giants fell further out of contention to the eventual World Series winners, the Pittsburg Pirates. Notable players on the roster in 1960 include; Orlando Cepeda, Jim Davenport, Felipe Alou, Willie McCovey, and Willie Mays.

With our client’s permission and in honor of the 86th edition of the All-Star game, we wanted to share this vintage baseball footage.

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