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Website Development: Why Hip Is Not Always Better

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When you’re starting a website for yourself or for your company, you’re also creating an image of who you want to be.  People’s perception of you is going to change depending on what your website looks like and the information it conveys.  Is your content short and sweet with just the basic information that clients might need?  Or does it give them a lot of data and constant updates in terms of blog posts?  Do you back these up with social media comments that show people that you’re in the loop?  If you want to be taken seriously, there are certain things you should know about website development.


Hip Is Not Always Better

A lot of people think of the internet as a hub for younger people.  So when they set up websites, they go for a youthful, hip look.  This might mean complex graphics, a more casual way of writing and many pop culture references.

However, nowadays, everyone is on the internet and it doesn’t matter if they’re young or old.  Older people might be a bit slower in terms of how they browse and they might run into more technical issues but they understand the value of the internet as much as younger people.  You can buy nearly anything you need on the internet.  You can get information about whatever you want.  So it’s pretty natural for everyone to turn to this resource whenever necessary.

Unlike younger people, middle-aged and older people may not necessarily be impressed by something that’s cleverly written or has a lot of graphics.  Instead, they might prefer something that’s more sedate, with a trustworthy and dependable look.  A simpler website with solid information is what will appeal more to these folks.


The Value of Information

Nowadays, we live in the type of world where information is currency.  Even if you can’t directly exchange it for goods and services, you can find a way of using the information at your disposal to your advantage.  For example, if you’re looking for a job, you can look up interviewing tips on the internet to help you get one.  If you’re wondering how to grow a vegetable garden, you can get instructions for this as well.  So knowing how to do something is as important as actually doing it.

You can develop a wider audience by disseminating more information on the internet.  Of course, you want to keep the information related to your field but within this arena, there’s a great deal you can write about.  So when you get into website development, remember to give your audience as much information as you can.

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