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Who Needs CD Replication?

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At Advanced Media Integration, we seek to help all sorts of individuals and businesses with duplication and replication services for their next project. CD replication is great for people who need large volumes of CDs at the time (1000 or more). Some groups that benefit from our service and prices include:

Musicians: Most independent musicians benefit from CD replication to always stay in-stock and prepared for tours, CD release parties, and their online stores, as well as for the times they can sell independently to music stores. From an EP to a full-length album, our CDs provide a professional look fitting for your serious work.

Start-ups and businesses: To expand your pool of potential sponsors, donors, and clients, CD replication can produce the number of customized CDs needed to impress your clients and partners, all at a low cost-point. Whether you are a tech company, We also offer design services to make your CD stand out.

CD Replication

Schools and Universities: College admissions offices can address their large pools of applicants or matriculating class with informative CDs in introduction packages about the college or universities. These CDs are great for mailing large amounts of information and resources in bulk. With no minimum order requirements, you can get the exact number needed as your numbers change.

We’ve streamlined the process for you by making it easy to upload all necessary files online, or by dropping your own CD in the mail, no edits needed. Any client of ours can expect a quick turnover for their order, with a wait of as little as one day, up to three days max. Plus, we can meet any fulfillment and warehouse needs on any size order. For more help and information on what we can offer, contact us.

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