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Why Write a Blog? A Business Perspective

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Writing a Blog

Why write a blog?  Let us explain, since first busting onto the scene as a way to express personal opinions in the early days of the web, blogging has evolved into a complex and important form of marketing for many companies. Sure, personal, opinion-driven blogs still exist, and are still an important part of the online conversation. But purpose-oriented blogs are now the most common form of the medium, and there’s a reason for it. If you’re asking yourself, ‘why should I write a blog?’ consider these reasons:

Show Your Credibility

Blogging about your area of expertise showcases that you know your stuff. Potential customers, after finding your blog, will be more likely to buy a product or service if they are confident that you have the necessary skills to provide a good product. That means you shouldn’t just blog about your own company or service; rather, take an industry-wide look, discuss product trends, and interview other experts.

Improve your SEO

Once you’ve positioned yourself as an expert, you want people to actually find out about you. Fortunately, blogging can help significantly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the concept that focusing on certain keywords within your website will rank you higher on search results pages for Google, Bing, etc. With blogging, you can focus specifically on those keywords. The process of providing a steady stream of fresh content via blogging itself also helps your SEO: each time you post a new blog, the major search engines will ‘crawl’ (i.e. comb) your entire website and adjust their rating for your keywords.

Increase Website Visits

If your blog is hosted on your web domain, SEO itself will significantly increase your web visits. But in addition to that, you can also use blogging to specifically refer to your website. Addressing user questions, for example, can be done with a link to your FAQ page. Or you may want to highlight your specific products in more detail and more informally, in which case you can link directly to them. Including frequent links and calls to action in your blog posts ensures an increase in visitors to your website after they’ve read your blog.

Of course, these are just a couple of the many reasons why it’s advantageous for you to blog. Contact us for all the information on blogging you need!

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