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Back to Basics: How to Select Muslin Backdrops for Portrait Photography

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While the age of digital photography and the use of green screen backdrops is in full swing, there’s something to be said for getting back to basics. Muslin backdrops have been used in photography since its inception, and you can still …

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Four Tips to Improve Your Business with Videography

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Although having a website with a blog might provide your business with a decent amount of online exposure, you can take advantage of videography to enjoy even more. When you dive into videography, you must take it seriously from the beginning …

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Utilize Basic DSLR Video Shooting and Editing to Market Your Services

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If you own a service-based business, many potential customers are going to be interested in reading reviews and looking at a portfolio of your previous work. However, you can provide something even better in video footage, whether it is a …

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