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Academic and Personal Historical Letter Scanning

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historical letter scanning

There’s a lot of value in historical letters. The value might be academic if the letters were written by someone well-known. Or it might just be personal, such as when you’re tracing your family history. And sometimes, these two things can intersect. For example, maybe you had an ancestor who happened to correspond with someone well-known. In such cases, the letters will be valuable to you personally as well as to the general public. Continue reading

Save Your Memories: Home Video Transferred to DVD

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Home Video

Formats like videotape and film were once the resource for capturing and holding onto memories. But today, to maintain such a catalog you’d have to maintain what’s become antiquated equipment. It’s time to update your VHS and camcorder tapes, film reels, slides, and more. Create a library you can easily view anywhere. Here at Advanced Media Integration, we invite you to save your memories with home video transferred to DVD. Continue reading