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The Keys To Perfect Sunrise & Sunset Shots

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There’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Not only is it peaceful, but the sky often takes on brilliant colors, making the entire scene something to behold. For photographers, capturing the perfect sunrise or sunset is a worthy goal, but it is often a tricky one, as the lighting during this time makes capturing the scene a little difficult. If you want to capture the perfect picture the next time you are watching the sunrise or fall, use the following advice.

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Cut Down Footage and Add Music/a Voiceover/Titles with Video Editing

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Video Editing

When you shoot a video, you end up with a lot of footage. Even if it’s just a video you made of a family vacation, there’s probably going to be more footage than you know what to do with. Every time you see something interesting, you pull out your camera and start shooting. But later on, when you want to relive what happened during that family vacation, you might find it inconvenient to have to go through hours and hours of footage.

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The Three Stages of Video Production

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Video Production

Creating a multimedia project can be a daunting task to undertake, especially if you are just starting and do not know where to begin. Fortunately, every multimedia project, whether it be something as short as a commercial to as long as a feature film, goes through the same three stages. Understanding the importance and happenings of these stages is crucial when it comes to optimizing the success of your creation. Most importantly though, a thorough knowledge of the phases your video will go through is key to ensuring you are properly prepared as your work comes to life. 

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