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Why Should I Transfer My VHS Home Movies Into DVD?

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The young people of today will have only a vague idea of what a VHS tape is or how a VCR works. These outdated technologies are certainly dinosaurs, long since replaced by DVDs and Blu Ray. And yet, the home movies that exist in these formats remain priceless. Those old VHS tapes hold memories of vacations, holidays, and unique experiences shared with loved ones. Unfortunately, VHS tapes won’t last forever, and the only to preserve your family history is to transfer these files into a DVD format. Continue reading

Experience the Joy of Sharing Photos by Going Digital

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If you have a number of old photos or slides that are lying in your attic, you can consider having them transferred to a digital format. Old photos are likely to disintegrate after some time. The photos themselves become more and more faded; the paper on which they are printed also tends to crumble. Slides are also vulnerable to the elements and are likely to lose their original form after a while. Continue reading

Using Drones for Video Recording

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If you are getting into videography as a serious profession or even just a semi-serious hobby then one thing to consider is whether you want to purchase a drone to help with your video recording. Drones provide a number of significant advantages for video recording, including being able to record from above without having to own or rent an airplane as well as having access to the ability to record from a number of different angles and approaches than what you could pull off with a conventional camera setup would give you the ability to pull off. Continue reading