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Transferring Beta Tapes to DVD or Digital

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beta tapes

Decades ago, when home video recording was new, the Betamax was the state of the art. However, no one manufactures players that can handle beta format tapes anymore. That means that you may have stacks and stacks of videos of family vacations, birthdays, and holidays that you can no longer watch and remember those cherished events from so long ago. More importantly, the medium upon which those memories have been recorded have a tendency to fade and even break over time. Continue reading

Protect Photos and Slides from Environmental Conditions with Digitization

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Photos and Slides

Old photos and slides are irreplaceable. The photographs on them may not be “artistic” or even high quality, but the memories they preserve can’t be found anywhere else. Photos that you see in museums or art galleries may be better composed, with a greater degree of balance and sharpness. But they’re not going to be as dear to you as the photos and slides lying in your attic. Continue reading

Relive Old Home Movies by Transferring Them to DVD or Digital

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Home Movies

When was the last time you gathered with loved ones to watch your old home movies? If you, like so many others, have years or even decades of memories on VHS or camcorder tapes in a box in the attic or on a shelf in the closet but you haven’t watched them in ages, it may be for the simple reason that you don’t have the equipment needed to enjoy them. Continue reading