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Don’t Let Dust and Dirt Ruin Your Photos

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Things in storage always get a little bit dusty. Even if you keep your old photo printouts and the negatives firmly in place in their wax paper envelopes and small canisters, debris manages to work their way inside. Dust accumulates, dirt and pet hair find their way inside, and even moisture can start to make your photos’ previously pristine condition start to deteriorate. Stop the damage by getting your photos professionally transferred to electronic and disc copies. Here’s why: Continue reading

3 Reasons to Transfer Your Drone Video Footage ASAP

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Everyone’s lost a picture or video. Sometimes a phone dies and the files are on retrievable. Sometimes the files are lost forever in a storage bank you can’t find. But when it comes to your drone’s footage, make sure you have a copy you can easily hold onto. Here are three reasons why you should make transferring and copying your drone’s data a priority.  Continue reading