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10 Reasons to Have Your Home Videos Transferred to DVD

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Home Videos

Home videos to DVD. There are many reasons why people opt to have their family videos transferred to DVD. The fact is that VHS tapes are no longer in use, and it’s tough to find a working VHS player. But if you transfer your home videos to DVD, that format is still going to be in use for a long time. So you’ll be able to enjoy your home videos for some time to come. Here are 10 reasons why you should give your home videos transferred to DVD today:

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5 Tips For Taking Excellent Pictures With Your Phone

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One of the best things about smartphones is that they come with a camera. Gone are the days where you need to carry around an extra camera and fumble with it just to take a quick picture. While the cameras inside phones aren’t as great as the top-of-the-line DSLRs out there, they are still surprisingly good considering their size.

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The Keys To Perfect Sunrise & Sunset Shots

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There’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Not only is it peaceful, but the sky often takes on brilliant colors, making the entire scene something to behold. For photographers, capturing the perfect sunrise or sunset is a worthy goal, but it is often a tricky one, as the lighting during this time makes capturing the scene a little difficult. If you want to capture the perfect picture the next time you are watching the sunrise or fall, use the following advice.

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