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4 Tips for Editing Your Marketing Videos: Advanced Media

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Are you shooting a testimonial, commercial, or video interview? Here are some video editing tips for creating the perfect marketing video.

Shoot Several Times

Shoot each scene or section several times, even if the first time seemingly came out flawlessly. You may notice something wrong later on, or a scene may just not fit in when you make the final cuts. Having a few choices for each section will make things easier.

Cut Out Unnecessary Parts

There are many parts of the video that you should cut out. If your video focuses on a person, cut out any awkward giggles, throat clearing, ahs, and umms. It will save you precious seconds and it will leave you with a smoother video.


Know When to Use Fade Effects

Fade effects are sometimes necessary. However, you do not want to overdo them. Having all kinds of fade effects throughout your video can make it look amateurish and can cause distractions.

However, sometimes fade effects are necessary. For example, if you cut out some ahs and umms and you’re cutting to a section where the subject is in a different sitting position than the previous section, it can be distracting as well. You should use a fade effect, such as a roll, in such a situation.

Know Where to Cut To

When cutting to a specific scene or action, it is generally a good idea to cut straight to the moment when the action is taking place. Do not cut to a few seconds leading up to the action unless it enhances the effect of the action.

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