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Advanced Media: Expertise Beta Tape Transfers To DVD

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Advanced Media Integration is an Indiana-based company specializing in top-notch professional audio and video production for over forty years. We specialize in manifold video formats including rarer Betacam (also called Betamax) footage, ranging from the analog inch-sized tapes of the eighties to the DigiBeta format of more recent years. Beta tapes had better quality than VHS tapes but fell out of popularity because they could only record one hour of footage. 

You might also recall that beta tapes originate from those clunky production cameras used by news organizations. For the past ten years, industry specialists have phased out beta tapes once used in television studios. This means that while the tapes are no longer in professional demand, the preservation of these tapes is still highly important.

The material on beta tapes serves valuable archival, corporate, and sentimental purposes. Advanced Media Integration helps transfer the film content to readily accessible DVD formatting, as the technologies to read these tapes are becoming more difficult to access. Since Betamax became popularized in the eighties, so many families have precious home videos on this type of film and are looking to relive those memories rather than losing them due to inaccessibility. Additional, as mentioned prior, newsrooms could benefit from having their beta tapes do more than waste into obscurity. If a producer chose, transferring beta tapes to DVD could provide consider material from prior segments to edit into current stories, as stories evolve.


Now that you see the value of Beta tapes, our Advanced Media Integration can immediately assist you with saving this media. We safely convert your tapes using reading machines, then transfer it to more advanced technology. Once your tapes have been successfully transferred, we offer an array of high-quality printing and packaging products.

For more information about transfer services, contact us today!

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