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What to Know About the Design Process for CD Duplication

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Once you have determined that you are going to need CD duplication, you should work on the design process, which will put your CD into a fitting and attractive package. However, if you do not already have a design to use, you can get professional services to create a completely unique design. Continue reading

3 Tips For Great Summer Photography

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Summer is finally here! Warm days and lots of light make summertime a great opportunity to take photos. When it comes to photography, however, summer has its own set of rules.

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2015 Fort Wayne, Indiana Flood Waters

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A look at the 2015 Fort Wayne, Indiana Flood Waters. With recent heavy rains, the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana and the surrounding areas experienced some dramatic flooding. The following is standard and aerial footage from the Fort Wayne, Indiana Flood Waters of 2015 including the Maumee River, the St Joseph River, and the St Mary’s River. Additionally there is aerial videography captured from our drone that features flooded out sections of Headwaters Park as well as portions of the Lake and Coliseum area. Continue reading