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Blu-ray Duplication and Replication for Your Video

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Producing a video used to be so simple. You released a VHS tape and everyone who was interested could take it home and play it in their VCR, well unless they used Betamax. Ok, so formatting has never been a simple issue for video producers. Every now and then, we enjoy a few simple years where it seems like everyone is on the same page with technology, but then someone innovates, someone else releases a competing product and the late adopters wait it out. In the mean time, you’re left wondering how to reach the most potential viewers.

The market is fairly simple right now. HD DVD has gracefully bowed out of the fight, leaving people with HD DVD players and collections of HD DVD movies to lament their investment in the losing format. So, now, your only question is, will more of your viewers want to view your video on DVD or Blu-ray?


You don’t have to guess. We can offer you a split order, so you can offer both DVDs and Blu-rays and see how much demand you have for each format.  Of course, you may choose to opt out of offering DVDs because Blu-ray duplication and replication of your video project allows you to showcase the beautiful video you have created with the best picture quality and digital audio possible.

Our Blu-ray DVDs  offer a high bit rate, 1080p resolution and large capacity. However, exclusively offering Blu-ray may exclude some of your potential viewers, so we are happy to offer DVD services as well.

Please contact us for more information on Blu-ray duplication and replication. We would be happy to discuss the specific details of your video and find the solution that works best for you.

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