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Simplify Your Life and Preserve Memories with VHS Tapes Transfered to DVD

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If your basement or garage still has boxes of VHS tapes, it is time to face the music!  The old technology is never making a comeback, and in the mean time, any VHS tapes you have kept around are taking …

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Vintage Baseball Footage from Advanced Media Integration: Giants vs. Cubs

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Recently, while transferring some old reels of 8mm film to DVD, we came across some rare footage of a baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs. With the 86th edition of Major League Baseball’s All-Star game set …

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Packaging Options for CD and DVD Printing Services

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CD and DVD Printing

Printing CDs is a service that you may be interested in getting, but this is not the only part of the process. It is still necessary to choose from several packaging options that you have available. Learning about your options …

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