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Environmentally Friendly Media Solutions

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Environmentally Friendly Media Solutions

With today’s ever growing demand for eco-friendly solutions, Advanced Media Integration offers packaging and disc alternatives that are environmentally safe. Typically, eco-friendly products come with a higher price tag. That’s why Advanced Media Integration designed a number of CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray packaging options that are both environmentally friendly and cost effective. By using recycled materials as well as offering no minimum orders, Advanced Media Integration allows more flexibility and a reduced amount of waste. Additionally, all of paper and paperboard ink is vegetable based, and our aqueous coatings are water based.

• No minimum orders for DVD or CD Duplication
• Advanced Media Integration recycles 100% of all paper and paperboard waste
• All inks are vegetable based (linseed oil)
• Blanket wash fluid has the lowest VOC content available
• Aqueous Coatings are all water based
• All ink and fountain solutions are disposed of in a controlled manner
• All coated paper contains a minimum of 15% recycled content
• SBS Boards up to 30% recycled content available
• CCNB Boards up to 100% recycle content avail

At Advanced Media Integration we are proud of our efforts to help reduce our own and our clients’ effects on the environment. While ecological awareness has always been a priority, today it is more important than ever to make eco-friendly buying decisions. Advanced Media Integration’s packaging and disc options will help to reduce any negative impact your next media project may have. Contact us today and find the right solution for you and the environment.

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