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5 Tips to Help You Take Unique, Unusual Photographs

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Photography is one of those art forms which is available to everyone nowadays. And there are so many photos of people and the things that they are experiencing out there. All you need to do is open up your Facebook or Instagram account to see dozens of new photos that people have clicked recently. But of course, there’s a difference between a really good, eye-catching, striking photo and the ones that people take on a daily basis. Here are a few things you can consider when taking photos:

  1. Subject: Keep an eye out for interesting subjects—people, landscapes, animals, streets, etc. Different people like to photograph different things but you can also try taking photographs of things which you haven’t photographed before.
  2. Colors: Colors are one of those things which can really make a photo stand out. Look around for photography ideas which include bright colors. If you’re more into black and white photography, then you can focus on contrast instead.
  3. Expressions: If you like to take photos of people, then you need to be able to capture their expressions well. Don’t just go for smiling, glamorous shots. Try and capture people when they are pensive, engrossed, sad, or even angry.
  4. Nature: If you live in an area where there are many trees and other types of natural beauty, try and capture that with your camera. Look for flowers, leaves, raindrops, waves, etc. You can also put together small flower arrangements and photograph them.
  5. Trash: Sometimes, you can get more interesting photos of things that people are throwing away—eggshells, peach pits, dried leaves, etc.—than the things that they choose to keep. Even things which are untidy—such as heaps of clothes, piles of books, etc.—can make for interesting photos.


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