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Photography Tips: Capturing the Moment

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Many people take their own pictures, and that’s great.  However, there is a difference between taking photos and taking good photos.  Capturing the moment may be good enough at times, but there is also something to be said for high quality photos that stand out.  These are the photos that guests notice when they visit.  Here are a few basic photography tips for anyone who enjoys taking photos, but can’t quite get them to look like they want.

Check the light

Photography is based around light.  When you decide on a photo you want to take, assuming it’s not time sensitive, observe the light in the area. Light can change so much, and in surprising ways, by simply viewing the subject from a different angle.  The changes can be even more dramatic when viewed at different times of the day.  The feel that will come from the light in the morning is very different from the feel that comes from the middle of the day, or right at dusk, especially in a picture.  Take note of these changes and decide which one is best for your photo.


The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most well-known concepts in photography.  The rule of thirds states that if you split a photo into thirds both vertically and horizontally, something important should be going on near at least one of the lines splitting the photo.  You get bonus points if something important is found where the lines cross.  This rule doesn’t always work exactly like you would expect, but it can often be a good place to start.


Take lots of pictures

In the days of film, it was very expensive to take more than a couple of shots of any single subject.  The modern times that we live in have brought us the wonder of the digital camera.  Even if you do the math, each shot you take costs, at most, tiny fractions of a cent.  Because of this new found ability, it’s perfectly reasonable to take dozens, or even hundreds of shots of the same subject.  You can take a shot with every combination of angle and light, and anything else you think might affect your photo.  Later, you can view each photo and pick the one that turned out the best.

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