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Preserve Your Memories with Photo and Slide Transfers

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Memories connect your past with who you are today and give meaning to your life. Indulging in nostalgia has stress-busting benefits as well. When thingsĀ are getting too tense, take some time out to relive and draw strength from the happy moments of your life. This relaxation “technique” also works as a sleeping aid at night. And of course, reliving good times with your relatives and family strengthens relationships.

This is why it’s so important to preserve those old photos and slides in the attic or garage. In fact, the attic and garage are poor places for their storage. Both areas are subject to temperature extremes, which are harmful to the pigments of photos. Humidity and exposure to light also cause damage and fading. Insects, rodents, mold, and water damage are other possible threats.


Although you can slow down the degradation of these items, you can’t halt their aging process. On the other hand, photo and slide transfers to a digital format will preserve these important memories for a very long time. These can be transferred to a data CD or DVD. Although both of these mediums are long-lasting, you can also upload these digitized images into cloud storage, which serves as an additional backup.

The Other Benefits of Digitized Images

Beyond simple preservation, there are many other things you can do with digitized images. You can create posters to hang on your walls or transfer the images to metal, wood, fabric, canvas, plastic, and even to cake tops. Any one of these image transfers would make the perfect gift to the people in your life you care about.


Yet another possibility is creating a slideshow video that shows images that transition from one to the next and are accompanied by music or a voiceover. Alternatively, you could post them on your own website or to your favorite social media platform.

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