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What’s the Difference Between Short-Run and Long-Run CD Duplication?

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CD Duplication

What’s the Difference Between Short-Run and Long-Run CD Duplication? You need CDs duplicated in large quantities. The problem is that every creator has a different definition for large quantities of discs. When you’re just starting out in media production, enough demand to justify four hundred disks can be life-changing. But major media producers might regard hundreds of thousands of discs as a failure. That’s why it’s important to know the industry terms before you set the standard for your business procedures.

What’s short-run CD duplication?

Short-run CD duplication is ‘short’ in the supply industry’s mind, and any orders between one and five hundred or one thousand discs are usually considered small enough for a short run. These orders, because they’re too small to justify factory-based duplication procedures, are usually produced in-store. Each disc might be more expensive per unit in a short run, but you get to customize the quantity.

Short runs also get produced quickly. The duplication process can usually be handled in-house. Depending on your packaging, designing, and advanced media requests, they can be shipped to you in just a few short days.

CD Duplication

How are short runs and long runs different?

Long runs are usually sent to a factory or production center. Because the process is different and it’s a bulk order, the per unit price is cheaper. However, the extra movement to an offsite location extends the timeline. Depending on the company, it could take two to four weeks to complete a long run order.

However, both production types can handle a variety of disc types with Advanced Media Integrations. Whether you want CD-R, Mini CD, or Shaped CD duplication, you can order the right quantity for your business’s demand and timeline.

Short runs offer you more flexibility, especially if your business is just starting out. But long runs help your business’s per-unit profit margins. Go to Advanced Media Integrations here to get started.

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