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Three Simple Ideas for Photographing Dogs

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You enjoy quality photography. Who doesn’t? And what could be more adorable than taking pictures of man’s best friend? So grab your DSLR and save some money by taking your own pet photography. Need some ideas? Check out these suggestions for great photos:

Use dogs natural poses to your advantage.

The main idea here is to allow your dog to do his thing. He will enjoy spending time with you more while you still get great pictures. If he likes to sit on the couch and watch TV, then that provides a perfect setting. Just turn on the TV and let your dogs get comfortable. Once he does that, you’re golden. To have him look at the camera, wait until he’s totally relaxed, then softly call his name and hit the shutter button. Or feel free to make funny sounds which are sure to catch his attention. You can also snap some pictures while he’s staring out a window or watching a bug on the sidewalk. Allowing him to be himself will give you excellent photo material.

Use natural light as much as possible. 

Perfect times to take pictures without flash are during the day, so take advantage of that natural light. If you are indoors, open the shades and find a well-lit spot in your house. Place yourself in a spot between the source of light and your dog for the best lighting. For a neat profile effect, place yourself behind the dog with the light coming in towards the camera. For outdoor shots, pick a sunny day and catch him in the shade for great lighting. You will find your own backyard to be a great spot in the early mornings and late evenings when the sun is not directly overhead and too bright for good shots. 


Use different angles.

Try getting some shots at the dogs eye level. Of course, when you get down to his level he’ll likely come bouncing over to you to see what’s going on. Take a moment and let him check out what you are doing so he’s relaxed. If your dog is lying down, try taking some pictures from different sides of him. He’ll probably continue to look at you as you move around, enabling you to capture those beautiful eyes each time. You can get some great angles while he is playing with his favorite toys as well. Some of the best shots will be when your dog is running towards you. Try calling him while holding his favorite treat and snap some photos as he runs your way. Keep experimenting with different angles to get that perfect picture.

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