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Smartphone Photography vs. DSLR Photography

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Technology has evolved immensely for photography in ways we never would have imagined. In recent years, our options for photography ranged from small, pocket-sized digital point and shoots to the very popular but much larger DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras. Professional photographers and photo journalists use the DSLR camera for many of their projects. It has become a very powerful tool for a variety of shooting styles. The smart phone has also become a powerful asset for photography in a smaller package. It has been growing in popularity for the camera function alone which has improved picture quality.

Should you stick with your smart phone or should you invest in a DSLR in order to become the photographer you want? Here are some things to consider about the two:



Flickr is just one of many social media sites for uploading photography. Digitaltrends.com discussed Flickr’s annual report stating the use of smart phones made up for 48 percent of uploads in 2016 . This shows how popular smart phones are in the photography world. With today’s smart phone you are able to photograph a subject and, with the use of editing software on the phone or from a downloaded app, create a different look to your photo without transferring it to your computer. They give you the convenience to take the shot, edit it, and post it to any social media all in the palm of your hands. The picture quality has improved substantially with megapixel enhancements in the smart phone camera, which produce vibrant colors in high-resolution. Some phones, like Apple’s iPhone 7 , enable you to take large 12 megapixel photos which are increasing as new models emerge. Storage of your photos is very important as a photographer and have escalated with many options. There are phones that have storage in which you can upgrade yourself while others include large internal capacities (some as high as 128GB). You will be able to find a wide variety of articles on the best smart phone cameras  online.



Now lets talk about the big guys; DSLR cameras are exactly that, big. These cameras are powerhouses and play many roles in the photography world. They enable you to capture subjects moving quickly from a great distance. Their shutter speeds allow them to focus on the subject at a high-speed. This allows you to take several shots per second. Sports and nature photographers use this in their line of work. These cameras give you full control of how you want to your photo to look. Necessary adjustments, like aperture, allow you to completely control the amount of light entering the lens which affects the exposure. DSLR’s let you experiment with a wide range of interchangeable lenses. It does add to the amount of equipment you carry but also gives you many options depending on the style of shoot you are conducting. Many new DSLR’s have become WiFi capable for easy uploading. Editing is an option on some of the cameras but photos are usually transferred to computers utilizing editing software like Adobe Photoshop/LightRoom. Photo sizes are very large depicting incredible detail and sharpness. Many cameras shoot up to 30 megapixel depending on the set up of the equipment.


Photography is an incredible art form that everyone will enjoy. Depending on what you want to do with it, you have a great amount of options to choose from as far as equipment. If you’re looking for small, great quality and convenience, then the smart phone may all you need. If you’re looking to become more professional and become involved on a whole new level, then the DSLR is the choice. Contact us to see how photography plays an important role in digital media and web design.

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