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Take Advantage of Design Services for CD Replication

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Although you will be providing the CDs for CD replication services, you might not have something set in stone for the cover design. While it is possible to distribute plain and simple covers, you will enjoy a better response when you invest time, effort, and money into the design.

However, instead of making your own design, you can outsource these design services.

Get Professional Help with Creating the Design

Unless you have extensive graphic design experience, professionals will be able to do a better job of creating a high-quality design for your CDs. The only quality that it might lack in is capturing the look and design you want, but this is where you are responsible for thoroughly describing your wants and needs.



Provide Images to Add to the Design

If you have images that you are interested in being included with the design, you should make sure to provide them to the designers before they start working on the design. It is important for them to incorporate these images into their initial sketches for them to work quickly and efficiently.

Another detail to consider is that these images need to be in 300 dpi for printing purposes.

Include Text to Give Information

When you want to include certain text for your CD, which it is likely that you will, you should plan all of this before you start getting professional assistance for the CD’s design. It will ensure that you get to take your time with making sure the text is correct and ideal, as opposed to rushing through the process.

If you have questions about CD replication or design services, feel free to contact us.

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