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The Three Stages of Video Production

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Video Production

Creating a multimedia project can be a daunting task to undertake, especially if you are just starting and do not know where to begin. Fortunately, every multimedia project, whether it be something as short as a commercial to as long as a feature film, goes through the same three stages. Understanding the importance and happenings of these stages is crucial when it comes to optimizing the success of your creation. Most importantly though, a thorough knowledge of the phases your video will go through is key to ensuring you are properly prepared as your work comes to life. 


Behind every great piece of media is a captivating idea, and it all starts in pre-production. This stage involves brainstorming ideas and developing the main concept of the project, as well as identifying the target audience. Once the core storyline is in place, your video will be scripted and storyboarded. Pre-production also involves additional duties such as casting talent, assigning crew, and scouting locations. From there, you can also expect to plan out scene preparations, which can include the type of props, lighting, and wardrobe you will need. In short, pre-production allows you to mix all your ideas into one cohesive schedule. 


Even with all your plans in place, this next stage is not as straightforward as it sounds. Before you can begin to shoot, the equipment must be set up, and the actors must be instructed where they must move throughout the scene, an action referred to as blocking. It is only after rehearsing the scenes that filming can begin. Filming your video takes up a large majority of this phase, and depending on the type of project, shooting can be a long process. However, it can be worth it once you begin to see your vision come together.

Video Production


Post-production is the third and final stage of the video production process, and it primarily involves one crucial task: editing. During this period, your footage will be handed over to the editors, who will string together the scenes to create a cohesive storyline. Editors can also fix any sound, coloring, or duration issues. Additionally, post-production involves adding music, titles, and graphics. If applicable, this step can even include the creation of special effects.

Now that you are equipped with a working knowledge of the necessary stages of video production, you will be ready to create your next big project in no time. And for more information regarding video production, contact us at our website. 

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