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5 Top Reasons to Transfer Old Tapes to Digital

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Transfer Old Tapes

Should you transfer old tapes to digital? Unfortunately, your collection of memories on old film or tape has a limited shelf life. Once that’s expired, those memories are gone. But you can extend their lifespan by digitizing those tapes.

Here are five reasons why you should transfer old tapes and jump to digital.

1. Pump Up the Resolution

No matter how careful you are, your tapes and films have poor resolution. It comes with aging. Upgrading to digital will take your memories to a higher resolution (based on the source’s quality). It may not be 4K, but the transfer will show a noticeable difference.

2. Hold Onto Great Moments: Transfer Old Tapes

High school graduation, sports blooper reels, or special moments with children, family, or friends, are all in your archives. Imagine getting them out and putting them in a better format. Send them to anyone who’d appreciate having a copy of happy times.

Transfer Old Tapes

3. Prevent Continued Deterioration

Time and multiple views wear your memories down. Many collectors get ready to watch memories and find scratches, dust, or worse. Digitizing stops the clock and preserves memories as-is forever!

4. Preserve Your Memories: Transfer Old Tapes

Back in the day, our film and video cameras captured everything. Those memories are sadly limited to outdated equipment and strict conditions for showing. But once digitized, memories are available on any device. You can easily share them!

5. What About Movies You Can’t Buy Today?

If you’re an aficionado of rare films or maybe your Blu-ray player’s not up to the task anymore, you can digitize those movies. Perhaps you spent a lot of time videotaping shows that aren’t on the market. Converting old cassettes gives you a stellar platform for enjoying those features on your phone, television, or laptop.

Advanced Media Integration is an all-in-one resource for multimedia replication, production, and duplication. For more information about transferring old tapes to digital, contact us today!

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