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Transferring 35mm Slides to Digital Format

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35mm Slides

Many of us find ourselves with boxes of old 35 or 120mm slides and negatives. Maybe they’re our own older personal collection, maybe we get them from a family member, or maybe we make a questionable choice at a yard sale; but regardless of how we come to possess them, we usually wind up wanting to take the shots digital at some point.

35mm Slides can get warped and ruined by even the most careful owner. They’re also more difficult to share with friends and family– especially if they don’t live nearby. Going digital gives you the opportunity to back up all of your memories in a safe, easy, and cost-effective way. Once you have digital copies of your photos, you can easily pass them on to your loved ones whether they’re across the street or across the world.

35mm Slides

Transfer Your 35mm Slides

Some people elect to do this process at home on their own. Results are usually shoddy at best. Most home users report that without spending money on a professional commercial unit, the quality of digitalization tends not to match the price tag of home scanners. Sending your slides and negatives out to professionals ensures that the job is done quickly and that you’re left with the highest quality pictures that your money can buy.

At Advanced Media Integration, care is taken to meticulously clean off your 35mm slides. Dirt and debris are removed by hand, fingerprints are wiped to keep your digitized pictures crystal clear, and scans can be made up to 4000 dpi. A data CD or DVD is always included absolutely free with your order to make sharing your shots even easier. Slideshow DVDs can be had for a small additional fee if your pictures need to be presented (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

Whatever your reason for looking to digitize, AMI has some of the best technology offered to help you make it happen quickly and affordably. Your slides will be handled with care from step one all the way back through dropping them in the mail to send them back home. Get in contact with us today to talk about whatever project– big or small– is on your mind!

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