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Creating an Archive of Historical Interest with VHS Tape Transfers to DVD

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VHS Tape

There are many videos that you might have on VHS tape that you’d like to transfer to DVD. This includes old home videos, of course, but there are also other videos that you might want to preserve by transferring them to a digital format.

Only Popular Old Videos Are Available on DVD

Many people believe that all the videos you might want to watch now are available in a digital format already. But this isn’t actually true. The only old movies and TV shows which are available in a digital format are the ones that people want to watch right now.

Some old movies which are very popular, such as most of Audrey Hepburn’s films, are available on DVD already. But there are a lot of older movies and TV shows which are not available on DVD. This is because not that many people want to see these right now.

VHS Tape

Digitizing VHS Tape: Old Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries

If you have a great collection of old movies on VHS tapes and you’d like to keep watching them sometimes, why not transfer them to DVD? This also applies to old TV shows, old music videos, old documentaries, etc. You may even want to create an archive of old newscasts if that is something you are interested in.

Digitizing Videos for Libraries, Archives, and Museums

This is a service that can be very useful to libraries, archives, museums, etc. If you have a number of old videos on VHS tapes—videos that you are trying to preserve because they may be of historical interest—you can get them transferred to DVD, and then you don’t have to worry about the VHS tapes deteriorating.

VHS Tape to DVD or Digital 

Keeping old videos that document the history of a neighborhood or a small town can help the citizens stay in touch with their roots. It can also help kids to do their history projects and learn interesting things about the neighborhood that they come from.

Contact us for more great reasons why you should get those old VHS tapes transferred to DVD.

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