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Video and Audio Enhancement Services

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In addition to standard video and photo transfers, Advanced Media Integration also offers video and audio enhancement, restoration and format conversion services.

We can take your raw video or audio files and provide enhancement, enlargement, restoration, color correction, or audio filtering services. Additionally we can provide still shot images from your video files or enhance your current images. Our video and audio enhancement services are ideal for old distorted recordings or surveillance footage.

Video & Audio Enhancement Services

  • Commercial Surveillance Video Systems
  • Home Security Cameras
  • Digital and Analog Audio Recordings
  • Video Stills
  • Audio Filtering
  • Image Clarification
  • Video Restoration
  • Video and Image Color Correction
  • Noise Reduction & Sound Clarification
  • Video & Image Enlargement and Enhancement

Security Enhancement

Advanced Media Integration is your complete source for Video, Film, Slide, and Photo Transfers. We will convert all of your old media formats, camcorder tapes, and photos to DVD, MiniDV, or the appropriate Web format.  Utilizing the latest technologies, we will preserve or digitize your video files and transfer them to a usable format. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to ensure that you receive the best quality transfer possible. For more information regarding our Security Footage or Video Enhancement services, contact one of our sales representatives.

Video and Audio Formats

  • VHS and VHS-C
  • Digital8 and Hi8
  • Betacam Formats
  • DVCam
  • Mini DV
  • DVC Pro & HDV
  • Reel to Reel Audio
  • Audio Cassette & Vinyl Records
  • Photos and Slides
  • Super 8mm, 8mm, and 16mm Film

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