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What You Can Do with Additional Services for CD and DVD Printing

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If you have plans to take advantage of CD and DVD printing services in the future, you might want to use other services that could prevent you from having to handle certain tasks on your own. It is beneficial to learn about the additional services that you can get when printing CDs or DVDs.


When you have a collection of files including video, audio, and anything else that you want on your DVD, you can utilize authoring services, which will put everything together for you. It is a valuable service as it essentially guarantees that your DVD will function on all players and look attractive as well.


Menu Design

While it is certainly possible to create DVDs with the sole purpose of playing and stopping, you will generally garner a better response when you provide people with a menu for the DVD. With this in mind, you should consider professional menu design services to make your DVD stand out in a positive way.

Extra Features

Although authoring and menu design are two fairly basic services that you can use, there are various other features that you can have included with these services to improve your overall experience. For instance, if you have a director’s commentary cut that you would like included with your DVD, you need to pay extra money to get this feature included as it requires more time and effort to implement.


Other features range from behind the scenes footage to a chapter list, so make sure you determine exactly what you want and need with your DVD before committing to any final decisions.

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