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The Many Uses of CD Replication

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CD Replication

From music albums to audiobooks, CDs have become synonymous with audio entertainment. You can use CDs for many purposes. Meditation gurus have started putting out CDs of guided meditations. Authors who write books often offer CDs which have something to do with the subject they are writing about. And if you’re an upcoming band, you can also get short-run CD replication so that you’ll always have a CD on hand to give to someone who might be interested in it. In short, if there’s an interesting topic that can be shared in an audible format, CD duplication can help with that. Continue reading

Setting the Pace for Your Video with Video Editing

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Team Recording Video

In many ways, a video is incomplete without editing. There may be times when you take a short video for just a few seconds and post it directly on social media. But most of the time, when you’re creating a video, you have to join various scenes together in order to come up with something resembling a story. Continue reading

Celebrate Meaningful Moments by Transferring Home Videos to DVD

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Family Celebrating Meaningful Moments

Celebrate Meaningful Moments by Transferring Home Videos to DVD. When you take a home video, you’re capturing a moment which is never going to come again. It might be a very special moment like your baby’s first steps or Christmas time with family. It might be an embarrassing moment, such as when your kid is trying to smile with braces. Or it might be a triumphant moment such as a school graduation. Different people like to capture different types of things.

And some home videos may not even involve any milestones. Maybe you just saw a plastic bag floating in the wind and decided to take a video of that.

Continue reading