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Save Your Family History: 35mm Slides

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The quiet hum and rhythmic click of a slide projector were once common sounds in the classroom, conference room, and living room. In a darkened room, information and memories were projected onto a screen or even a blank wall via a unique format: the 35mm slide. In a world where technology changes rapidly, the once ubiquitous slide format is now an artifact of yesteryear. Why should you consider transferring your 35mm slides to a digital format? Continue reading

Drones: 3 Steps Being Taken To Fight Drone Terrorism

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Drones are the wave of the future, and they’ve been integrated into dozens of different industries. However, while there are many legitimate uses for drones, they are also seeing increased use by criminals, as well as by terrorist organizations. Especially since drones (both commercial and industrial) are becoming much more commonly available, as well as more powerful with every passing year. Continue reading

Setting Your Camera’s White Balance

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White Balance

There are several ways to set the white balance on your DSLR. Your DSLR should have the following white balance settings: auto (AWB), daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, flash, cloudy, shade and custom. There may be others or these may have a different name, sunlight instead of daylight, for example. The most common setting used by beginning photographers is the AWB, or auto white balance setting. This setting lets the camera decide what it thinks is the best white balance by evaluating the scene. Most of the time, the camera gets it right, but not always. Continue reading