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Taking a Good Photograph: Composition and Lighting

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Not a lot of people stop to think about how to take a good photograph. For many of us, a photo is just a way of documenting that we went to a certain place or were with a certain person. We don’t stop to think about composition, color, sharpness, etc. And in this age of selfies, the angle of the photo is often so strange that people seem as though they were looking in one of those distorting mirrors that make you look longer, shorter, etc.

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Beginner’s Guide to Understanding White Balance

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White Balance

One of the most critical factors for taking the perfect photo includes having the right white balance setting on your camera. The white balance determines how your camera responds to the colors in your photograph, particularly the color white. AsĀ Cambridge in Colour says, “White balance (WB) is the process of removing unrealistic color casts so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo.” Since your DSLR camera is extremely sensitive to light, it may occasionally translate light with an odd color cast, such as orange, blue, or green. For example, when photographing your friend in his plain white t-shirt, his shirt–and even he–may appear to be tinted in an odd color if your white balance is off. Adjusting your white balance to match your surroundings will ensure that your photo comes out with accurate coloring.

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When to Follow and When to Ignore the Rules of Script Writing

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Different filmmakers work in different ways. Some use the script just as a basic guide; they feel free to make changes to it as they go. As they get more information, they might modify the script accordingly. Plus, sometimes, your actors also tend to wing it by adding their own ideas to their dialogues. But there are other filmmakers who refer strictly to the script and refuse to make any changes to it.

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