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Four things that can ruin your video

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It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your video is. Good, high-quality video matters and a subpar product will always be judged worse than something you take your time on and do a good job with. The little details can trip you up and they are what can make or break a video. Taking the time to properly edit a video can make a good video better while failing to catch certain flaws during the editing process may result in your video’s complete and utter failure. The things that you need to look out for and catch during the editing process are: Continue reading

Three Ways a Television Ad or Ads Aren’t Like YouTube

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Television ad time is expensive, so you must make every second count.

That seems like a truism, but it’s backed by the numbers. If your ad is slightly too long, you’ll lose your audience and you won’t get them back. If the punchline is slightly off, you don’t get a second chance. The shots need to be perfectly aligned, your products need to be highlighted every possible frame, and everything needs to look like a slightly better version of reality.  Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Media Producers Still Need CDs

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The dire prediction that CDs and other discs are dying out has been around as long as CDs has been around. But physical compact discs are still a standard tool in the majority of industries. Even though digital copies and constant streaming access are changing many individual consumers’ habits, that doesn’t mean you can go forego CDs entirely. Here are three reasons why you still need them: Continue reading