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Preserve Those Great Moments on Home Videos by Transferring Them to DVD

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Home Videos

Most of us have some precious home videos that we want to preserve for ourselves as well as future generations. These might be wedding videos, sweet 16 videos, anniversary videos, vacation videos or just videos which capture the day-to-day silly …

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Simplify Your Life and Preserve Memories with VHS Tapes Transfered to DVD

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If your basement or garage still has boxes of VHS tapes, it is time to face the music! ┬áThe old technology is never making a comeback, and in the mean time, any VHS tapes you have kept around are taking …

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Utilize Basic DSLR Video Shooting and Editing to Market Your Services

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If you own a service-based business, many potential customers are going to be interested in reading reviews and looking at a portfolio of your previous work. However, you can provide something even better in video footage, whether it is a …

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