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Bring Your Family Closer with Home Video Transfers to DVD Services

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Home Video Transfers

If video recording has been in your life for several decades, you likely have a collection of home videos from your childhood or your children’s childhood. Unfortunately, some of these videos may no longer be accessible because of the video …

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Vintage Baseball Footage from Advanced Media Integration: Yankees vs. Tigers

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Recently, while transferring some old reels of 8mm film to DVD, we came across some vintage footage of a baseball game between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers. In the footage, shot in 1958 at the old Briggs Stadium, …

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Celebrate Local Record Stores during the 8th Annual Record Store Day on April 18th, 2015

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On Saturday, April 18, 2015, the 8th annual Record Store Day will take place in the United States and Internationally. Since 2007, the event has been held on the third Saturday in April with the intent on bringing attention, crowds, …

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Who Needs CD Replication?

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At Advanced Media Integration, we seek to help all sorts of individuals and businesses with duplication and replication services for their next project. CD replication is great for people who need large volumes of CDs at the time (1000 or more). Some groups …

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Advanced Media Purchases New Camera with 4k and Super Slow Motion Capabilities: Sony NEX-FS700RH

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In an effort to better serve our client’s video production needs, we recently purchased a new Sony NEX-FS700RH camcorder. This new camcorder will enable us to provide 4k video output, super slow motion recording, and full 1080p video for projects …

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