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VHS Tape Transfers to DVD and Timing

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VHS Tape

VHS tape transfers to DVD are almost symbolic in nature by this point. VHS tapes represent an older form of technology. Converting the content of VHS tapes from an older format to a newer format feels completely appropriate at this point in history. The people who have VHS tapes at home and who are not about to get VHS tape transfers to DVD should consider whether or not they should still keep their VHS tapes.  Continue reading

Grow Your Videography Business by Working for Fewer Clients

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Entrepreneurs starting a videography business for the first time, often make a classic mistake. They aggressively look anywhere and everywhere to find clients. They may scour websites such as Craigslist, place Facebook ads, distribute leaflets, or mass mail brochures in an attempt to drum up business. In addition, they aren’t particular about the type of job they land because they feel it’s more important to get work — any kind of work. Because they’re just starting out, they feel they aren’t in any position to be choosy. Continue reading