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The Benefits of Getting Your Home Videos Transferred to DVD

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home videos

If you have a collection of irreplaceable home videos, you probably go out of your way to ensure their preservation. Unfortunately, accidents happen that can damage some of your videos, such as when your player chews up a tape. While you can cut out the damaged section and splice the tape together, your video is still diminished by this, and further accidents are likely to happen in the future. Continue reading

Preserve Your Memories with Photo and Slide Transfers

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Memories connect your past with who you are today and give meaning to your life. Indulging in nostalgia has stress-busting benefits as well. When thingsĀ are getting too tense, take some time out to relive and draw strength from the happy moments of your life. This relaxation “technique” also works as a sleeping aid at night. And of course, reliving good times with your relatives and family strengthens relationships. Continue reading

Increase the Appeal of Your Photography with Complementary Colors

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Do colors have opposites? Although black and white aren’t considered true colors, they are viewed as opposites. When black and white are placed next to each other, you get contrast. It turns out that true colors such as yellow, red, blue, etc., have their opposites as well. When color opposites are placed beside each other, you also get contrast. These are usually referred to as complementary colors. You can readily identify them because they are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. Continue reading