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How to Achieve a Polished Business Video

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Business Video

Businesses these days have many more opportunities to advertise than in the past. With many businesses participating in both traditional and online digital marketing, they have a wider audience to reach. At the same time, with the broader reach comes the need for more content. According to all the studies, video content captivates both online and traditional type viewers. Having engaging videos as part of your inbound marketing campaign is a sure way to attract leads. However, there are several steps to creating videos that a business may want to consider outsourcing. Continue reading

Transferring 35mm Slides to Digital Format

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35mm Slides

Many of us find ourselves with boxes of old 35 or 120mm slides and negatives. Maybe they’re our own older personal collection, maybe we get them from a family member, or maybe we make a questionable choice at a yard sale; but regardless of how we come to possess them, we usually wind up wanting to take the shots digital at some point. Continue reading