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Back Up Your Historical Archives Before the Footage Is Ruined

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Even under the most optimal conditions, most film isn’t built to last. Printed photos and older footage have an even shorter storage life. For many archived materials, any handling outside of that perfectly maintained environment can drastically reduce the expected lifespan. So what can you do to protect your archives? Continue reading

Don’t Allow Bad White Balance to Ruin Your Shot

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White Balance

White balance is the color balance on a digital camera. You’ve arranged your products. They’re set against a rustic table and a pale, patterned backdrop. The accessories are just right, the label is perfectly aligned, and everything looks perfect. But when you take the picture, everything looks a bit purple. You try again in a different room, and everything is a bit yellowed. So you double-check the lighting. But everything looks colorful and your eyes can’t find any reason for the final product to have a color shift. What’s the problem? Continue reading

Don’t Lose Video Quality: Digitally Transfer Your VHS Videos

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Your cache of VHS home videos and old recordings is invaluable. But it can feel like all of the content is locked on the cassettes. They’re bulky, hard to watch, and impossible to catalog. Transferring the video to digital files is the best way to maintain your footage collection so you can both enjoy it and preserve. If you don’t have digitalization equipment yourself, make sure you research your options before selecting a final copy. Some companies transfer your files with a projector, which leads to a loss of video quality. Look for a company that scans your film so: Continue reading