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Preserve Those Great Moments on Home Videos by Transferring Them to DVD

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Home Videos

Most of us have some precious home videos that we want to preserve for ourselves as well as future generations. These might be wedding videos, sweet 16 videos, anniversary videos, vacation videos or just videos which capture the day-to-day silly things which become meaningful over time. Continue reading

Photography Advice: 5 Tips For Shooting a Fall or Winter Wedding

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There’s nothing to shooting a spring or a summer wedding. The weather is warm, the natural light is bright and long-lasting, and aside from the occasional rainstorm, it can feel like everything is trying to work with you to set up your shots. If you’re shooting a wedding in the fall or winter, though, you might feel like the elements are resentful that they’re just there to be a backdrop. Fortunately, a little preparation can stop even a bad winter day from turning into a diva. Just keep some of the following tips in mind. Continue reading

Back Up Your Historical Archives Before the Footage Is Ruined

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Even under the most optimal conditions, most film isn’t built to last. Printed photos and older footage have an even shorter storage life. For many archived materials, any handling outside of that perfectly maintained environment can drastically reduce the expected lifespan. So what can you do to protect your archives? Continue reading