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Have Recorded Beta Tapes But No Machine? Transfer Them To DVDs

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Beta Tapes

You may think when you hear the term a Beta or Betamax videotape, that there is just the one type, which is the consumer videotape, put out by Sony in 1975, that went head to head with the JVC VHS videotape and failed.  However, it appears that Sony did not give up their concept of sharing in the videotape market after its failure.  They produced a few upgraded types of videotapes targeting the professional TV and media recording and broadcasting market. Continue reading

Creative Opportunities That Arise When Transferring Home Videos to DVDs

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Transferring home videos

It may have been a while since you watched your home videos because they may be in an outdated format. If your home videos are on VHS tape, then it may not be possible to watch them because it’s no longer possible to buy a working VCR. At one point in time, watching videos on a VCR may have been considered hi-tech, but at this point, all VHS tapes have been replaced by DVDs. Continue reading

Surprise Loved Ones by Transferring Photos and Slides to a Digital Format

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Transferring Photos and Slides

Although technology keeps changing, you can still preserve all your old memories by transferring photos and slides transferred to a digital format. Although keeping old photos and slides has its charm, you know that they’re going to deteriorate pretty quickly. So it makes sense to transfer them to a format which you will be able to keep for a long time, if not forever. You can still keep old albums and slides and look through them whenever you feel like, but you don’t have to keep worrying that you’re going to lose those photos. Continue reading