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Why Isn’t Your Smartphone Enough?

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#1. But My Smartphone is Perfect!

“Everyone I know carries a smartphone.  If you bump into a long-lost-friend; or your kids or dogs are doing something awfully cute, or the look of the beach takes your breath away: pull that phone out of pocket or purse, and the moment’s caught.  And the new, even smarter phones have special modes like ‘portrait’ for snapping really good photos, which we can share immediately on social media.  What’s not to like?  And my phone wasn’t cheap: why should I spend extra money on a camera?”

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Taking a Good Photograph: Composition and Lighting

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Not a lot of people stop to think about how to take a good photograph. For many of us, a photo is just a way of documenting that we went to a certain place or were with a certain person. We don’t stop to think about composition, color, sharpness, etc. And in this age of selfies, the angle of the photo is often so strange that people seem as though they were looking in one of those distorting mirrors that make you look longer, shorter, etc.

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