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Simplify Your Life and Preserve Memories with VHS Tapes Transfered to DVD

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If your basement or garage still has boxes of VHS tapes, it is time to face the music!  The old technology is never making a comeback, and in the mean time, any VHS tapes you have kept around are taking up too much space and aren’t something anyone can enjoy in their current state. People don’t even sell VHS tapes at garage sales anymore, they give them away.

So, it is time to preserve your memories and home videos by having your VHS tapes transferred to DVD. If you have kept them around this long, they must mean something to you.  Out of sight may mean out of mind, but you will feel better once you taken some proactive steps to minimize your clutter and make something you care about useful again. Perhaps you have kept a lot of unlabeled VHS tapes around because you’re not sure what is on the tapes and you don’t want to lose anything important. It is time to check.

If you no longer have a VCR, you can still find one at a thrift store like Goodwill, usually for under $5. Pick a weekend.  Buy a VCR. Connect it to your tv. (If it makes you feel more festive go ahead and crimp your hair and put on some jam shorts or MC Hammer pants to celebrate the occasion.) Look at every VHS tape you have kept. You may find that some of them can be thrown away. The tapes that really mean something to you and are worth keeping can be converted to digital media, preserving them for generations to come. Plus, DVDs take up way less space than VHS tapes, so you’ll regain some of your valuable storage space at the same time.

For more information on how simple and affordable it is to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, please contact us.

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