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Vintage Kentucky Derby Footage from Advanced Media Integration: 1958 Tim Tam Wins

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Recently, while transferring some old reels of 8mm film to DVD, we came across some Vintage Kentucky Derby footage shot in 1958. The transferred 8mm film ¬†footage contains some of the pre-race festivities as well as the actually race itself. …

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Advanced Media Integration Transfers Vintage Fort Wayne, Indiana Footage

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From time to time, we come across some extremely rare and vintage film, video, slides or photos. Recently, while transferring an old Betacam SP tape to DVD, we found some classic footage of Fort Wayne, Indiana from 1938.

Why You Need VHS Tape Transfers to DVD

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Video tapes with a DVD

In our changing world of digital technology, we rarely hear the term VHS tape anymore, except when it comes to preserving them. Some people do not even own a VHS tape recorder anymore, so it is impossible for those people …

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