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Script Writing for Videos: “Hooking” the Viewer with a Great Concept

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Everyone knows the difference between a good advertisement and a bad one.  There are advertisements on TV that just leave you feeling blah, even if the product being advertised is one that you might be interested in.  And then, there …

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Advanced Media Integration Transfers Vintage Fort Wayne, Indiana Footage

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From time to time, we come across some extremely rare and vintage film, video, slides or photos. Recently, while transferring an old Betacam SP tape to DVD, we found some classic footage of Fort Wayne, Indiana from 1938.

Top Reasons Why Your Band Needs CDs.

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In today’s digital age of music and video downloads, many bands opt for online releases of their music rather than an actual CD. Depending on your current exposure, this may be a bad idea that costs you not only fans …

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