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Basic DSLR video shooting and editing: Shaping Bokeh

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Bokeh” (pronounce this however you like) is that beautiful blur in the background of photos, bringing point-lights to large, hexagonal renderings. Some lenses render ‘pleasing Bokeh’ while others produce distracting Bokeh. Every beginning photographer wants shallow depth of field with this beautifully blurred background. It gives the artist another layer of control. You can draw in the focus of one’s eye on the subject without worrying about distracting elements of the background. The surreal non-environment of blur (never seen in the human eye) acts as an infinite, mysterious light-backdrop instead of the boring real world. Continue reading

Advanced Media Integration: CD and DVD Printing Services

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CD and DVD printing

Every video, film, or music project takes a lot of work to produce, and a lot of time to get just right. The final step of any project is distribution, and this is where presentation means everything. The last thing you want is a CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray to look like it is a bootleg; this is where professional CD and DVD printing services are beneficial. Continue reading

Common Mistakes (and their fixes) when script writing for videos

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Many times spectacular language and a thorough grasp of the subject are not enough to make an award-winning, viral video. Many problems arise because scripts are a different medium we are not all familiar with. It’s not like writing a novel, a blog post, or a news piece. A script is not even the final form, it’s just an outline, a template for something else.

Here are 2 common mistakes we see in videos all the time (that result from their scripts or lack thereof) and how you can fix them. Continue reading