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How to Improve Your Creative Vision in Photography

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Taking amazing photographs requires good equipment and the skills to use them. This statement, while true, is incomplete. Great photography also requires knowing what to aim your camera at, and how. This ability is sometimes called creative vision or having a photographer’s eye. It makes the difference between the ordinary tourist photo and the striking photos published in books and on the web. Those who don’t have it, feel they must search far and wide for the extraordinary. On the other hand, those who have it, see the extraordinary all around them. And they can prove it with extraordinary photos. Continue reading

Drones Capture Stunning Photographs for Any Event

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The newest and most trendy way to capture those special moments at an event is by using high-definition drone photography. Drone photography offers a new perspective that will impress everyone, and drones make it easy to share unforgettable memories from any special event. They are able to capture jaw-dropping views and gorgeous scenery that other cameras from the ground are just not able to do.  Continue reading

Two Ways That Drones Save Lives

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Drones are proving to be an incredibly versatile technology. Of their many uses, no one can dispute their virtue when used to save lives. Drones have saved 59 lives in different parts of the world between 2013 and early 2017. This number will only increase as drones are more widely adopted for this purpose. Let’s look at two ways they can do this: Continue reading