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Advanced Media: Introduction to the World of Photography

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So you want to become a photographer?

Photography is a diverse field with a lot to offer. It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused as a beginner. Where do you even start?

Here are five tips and tricks to give you a head-start: Continue reading

How Shutter Speed and ISO Can Make or Break Your Photography

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Balance is a key component of successful photography.

Picture this: shutter speed and ISO are two different entities on opposite sides of a seesaw. If you put more attention towards shutter speed, the seesaw will become lopsided. Same applies if you put more attention on ISO. These two components of photography must work together to balance each other out to produce a great photo.

Let’s quickly go over the definitions of both components: Continue reading

Basic DSLR video shooting and editing: Shaping Bokeh

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Bokeh” (pronounce this however you like) is that beautiful blur in the background of photos, bringing point-lights to large, hexagonal renderings. Some lenses render ‘pleasing Bokeh’ while others produce distracting Bokeh. Every beginning photographer wants shallow depth of field with this beautifully blurred background. It gives the artist another layer of control. You can draw in the focus of one’s eye on the subject without worrying about distracting elements of the background. The surreal non-environment of blur (never seen in the human eye) acts as an infinite, mysterious light-backdrop instead of the boring real world. Continue reading